Free range eggs delivered in Barnstaple, North Devon ukFarmer Bob's Eggs, as free range as they come!Farmer Bob's Eggs, as free range as they come!

About Farmer Bob's Eggs

Thanks for clucking out our site (that’s bad!) - we run a small family farm near Barnstaple, producing beef and eggs. Farmer Bobs Eggs started trading in 2009, and our aim is to supply high quality reasonably priced local produce, through shops as well as restaurants, cafes and various food producers such as cake makers.

Our hens are free range, and have access to their outdoor paddocks during daylight hours. They are fed a GM-free cereal based diet sourced locally. Some of the time one of our flocks actually lives in a small willow coppice which we use for firewood. We collect the eggs by hand and grade them manually, thus ensuring the best quality for all our customers.

So if you want to order some of our cracking eggs, please look at our retailers list, all of whom will be very happy to serve you!

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Farmer Bob's Eggs, as free range as they come!